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Kandis is a dentist with her own practice. In her business, she felt overworked and burnt out - often double booking cleanings due to not having the staff she needed. Her cash flow was stagnant as she didn't have time to work on high value procedures or her new dental medicine business. She felt she was stuck in a cycle and wanted to get out.

We worked on clearing her abundance blocks, healing her co-dependency wounds, shifting her subconscious programming, and aligning her energy.

As a result, her dental practice started to flourish. She was able to hire 2 new key staff members with ease (after trying unsuccessfully for months), booked more high value procedures ($3-16k each) and she's receiving new clients for her new business.


Luisa is a healer and wanted to take her coaching business from a side hobby to a thriving business where she could eventually replace her full time income as a teacher.

At the time, she was charging $150 for her brain balancing and body code sessions and was afraid of increasing her prices and people wouldn't buy.

After working on getting clear on her target market, her value in the market, shifting her offer, and energetically aligning her to what she desired to earn, she made over $12k in 10 weeks.

This is double what she earned the previous year. Within a few months she made $40k+ part time. And her current clients are easily saying YES to working with her plus renewing with her at her higher prices.


Giovanna is a Reiki master and Trauma Release Alchemist. She wanted help with building her business and brand online so that she could book clients with ease.

At first she was afraid to share her story of being a domestic violence survivor even though she has healed from that past. We worked on her energy to own this as part of her story and helped her step into her divine role of empowering other domestic violence survivors reclaim their voice and identities.

Since working together, she has booked 5 high paying private clients and booked out her first group program.


Jeremy wanted to scale his live events business after moving from a successful mortgage career. He was feeling a bit stuck and stagnant energetically and was looking for support in shifting his energy.

After a few sessions to clear his subconscious programming and resetting his belief system, Jeremy attracted a multimillion dollar funding opportunity to support POC businesses in LA, booked 5 contracts to produce large scale events at the SuperBowl featuring well known celebrities (Drake, Gronk, Shaq, etc), and attracted opportunities in the AI field to help him change the landscape of how live events are experienced.

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