In this training, you’ll learn the 5 Principles of Embodying Your Brand.

And I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to capture your soul aligned client’s attention and become the ONLY brand your soul aligned clients want to buy from!

You’ll also receive a powerful activation during the training to align you to your Brand Essence.

This was the training I gave exclusively on Mindvalley’s Tribe Talks in March 2021.


Since recording the previous training, I received additional downloads from my soul family to share with you. It is important that you receive the full transmission of Part 1 before watching Part 2.

And at the end of this video, I’ll share how you can go deeper with this journey to fully Embodying Your Brand with my support.

A Special Invitation...

If you are Conscious Visionary Leaders Business Owner, Entrepreneurs who...

...has achieved a high level of success in you career, but are feeling unfulfilled

...knows there's something more and deeply desire to activate your soul's mission and step into your purpose

...wants to experience more pleasure, pure joy, bliss & play daily

...and is ready to take the leap to become who you are meant to be - a person with a deep sense of passion, excited by life, creating with purpose, inspiration, & ease...

I invite you to apply to work with me inside my 6 month 1:1 mentorship, Divinity.

During the 6 month 1:1 mentorship, we will…

✨ Align you to your deepest soul's mission, purpose, and desire

✨ Collapse timelines and anchor you to your highest potential

✨ Activate and open new timelines of success and align your energy to receive

✨ Uncover, heal, and release the root cause and trauma stuck in your field that is blocking you from reaching your success and receiving more abundance.

✨ Identify and activate your inner power by tapping into your true soul essence, your unique soul signature frequency, and your voice.

✨ Attract the precise clients you are meant to serve by powerfully connecting to your soul aligned tribe (both energetically and through your unique soul essence).

Client Testimonials


Tatiana was a successful corporate marketing director at a well known Fortune 100 company making a healthy 6 figure income. She was on an upward trajectory at the company. But she was feeling like something was missing in her life. She felt a deep desire to make an even greater impact, but didn’t know how or what that looked like.

We worked on clearing her past beliefs + ancestral programming of scarcity, releasing the need and programing around hustling to reach her desired income goals, activating her voice to speak her truth and aligning her energetically to her soul's purpose.

As a result, she 4x'd her corporate income within a few months, launched a corporate speaking career (making $40k in her first year), sold out multiple group programs, landed her first premium coaching client with ease, and created more freedom in her life.


Kandis is a dentist with her own practice. In her business, she felt overworked and burnt out - often double booking cleanings due to not having the staff she needed. Her cash flow was stagnant as she didn't have time to work on high value procedures or her new dental medicine business. She felt she was stuck in a cycle and wanted to get out.

We worked on clearing her abundance blocks, healing her co-dependency wounds, shifting her subconscious programming out of lack, and aligning her energy to her higher potential.

As a result, her dental practice started to flourish and she no longer felt overworked or burnt out. She was able to hire 2 new key staff members with ease (after trying unsuccessfully for months), booked more high value procedures ($3-16k each) and she's receiving new clients for her new business.


Catarina had her successful Online Business Management (OBM) business with 6 and 7 figure clients, but she felt she wasn't sharing all of her talents (light language, sound & energy healing, and yoga). She felt her business was disjointed with her various passions. And she wanted to somehow incorporate ALL of her gifts into her offers and find a cohesive way to share her message in a way that would attract even higher premium clients.

We worked on restructuring her business and offers to integrate the full spectrum of her talents, energetically aligned her to highest timeline of abundance and released blocks holding her back, and deepened the value she provides for her clients.

After realigning her business, package, and pricing, she sold her first ultra premium package for $106k with zero objections, launched and sold out her monthly group workshops, and she now feels 100% aligned to her business and messaging.


Luisa is a healer and wanted to take her coaching business from a side hobby to a thriving business where she could eventually replace her full time income as a teacher.

At the time, she was charging $150 for her brain balancing and body code sessions and was afraid of increasing her prices and people wouldn't buy.

After working on getting clear on her target market, her value in the market, shifting her offer, and energetically aligning her to what she desired to earn, she made over $12k in 10 weeks .

This is double what she earned the previous year. And within a few months she made $40k+ part time.

She's also finding it easier to sell higher priced packages to new and current clients. Her current clients are also easily saying YES to working with her plus renewing with her at her higher prices.




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